TABIKYO is a meeting of two Japanese kanji: 旅(TABI) meaning journey and 境(KYO) meaning boundary. TABIKYO expresses our desire to offer our guests unique and memorable experiences.

Our philosophy is about creating journeys that tread new ground and take one step beyond the commonboundaries one may experience when immersed in a different culture.

Due to our exclusive connections we offer in-depth experiences that are usually inaccessible to evenJapanese locals. In particular our approach focuses on ancient history and the essence of Japanesespiritual tradition that has shaped this country’s unique culture.

Our thematic journeys to an authentic Japan go one step further.


Our itineraries have been crafted and researched with care, to provide the guests a privileged and immersive insight into Japan’s ancient landscapes and culture, allowing travelers to glimpse the country’s true heart and charm.


We offer in-depth private experiences with artisans, monks, farmers… as we believe that one of the best ways to appreciate and understand a culture is to immerse yourself in it, if only for a few hours or a couple of days.


As we know from a customers’ perspective the little details that can turn a good trip into an everlasting memory, we also provide assistance and guide services to make your travel as serene as possible.

Kei Tamura – CEO –

After graduating university, Kei travelled to over ninety countries and spent a total of seven years living in Latin America. During his time here he worked for a fishery trading company and was also engaged in local corporate management. After returning to Japan he has promoted activities which aim to preserve traditional culture and revitalise various regions within the country. With a global perspective and passion cultivated through his own life experience, Kei endeavours to lead TABIKYO by spreading Japan’s true heart all over the world.